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We’re working together to create new, sustainable farming solutions for the future. By tapping into the traditional agricultural knowledge of the Wonderfruit farm’s dedicated custodians, and harnessing the circular recycling capacity of Nespresso’s global operations, we’re finding ways to work unwanted coffee waste back into the food chain.
We believe our future is carbon-neutral and circular. Our onsite farm in The Fields is a testing ground for ways to make that belief a reality—not just a backdrop for those all-important Wonderfruit farm instagram snaps. At the farm, we’re planting, harvesting, collecting, rearing, raising, and experimenting so everyone can experience new, low-impact ways of producing food and protecting the environment.
Returning to nature
The Fields, our home for Wonderfruit, has had a rare chance to thrive without any events. The whole area is overgrown, creating an untouched playground for plants, insects, and animals to rediscover and reclaim. We took this opportunity to expand the farm, try new things, and create a hands-on research space for future farming practices. Then, we invited a group of friends from Nespresso to discover the results.
Working together
Nespresso boasts an entire ecosystem that captures, transports, cleans, empties, sterilizes, separates and recycles used capsules, recovering the precious resources inside and reducing the carbon footprint of the whole process. Wonderfruit has a working, living, organic farm in the middle of The Fields where a team of farmers and growers experiments with all-natural fertilizers, low-impact pest-repellants, and upcycled materials to raise produce that nourishes the land it’s grown in. Together, we can take some of that would-be waste and make farming magic.
Sharing with others
What we learn, we teach. As we develop simple, repeatable farming practices we invite others to come and see what we’re doing—and get involved in the process. In December, a small group of friends was welcomed to The Fields for Rice & Roast, an afternoon to get familiar with the farm and witness what Wonderfruit and Nespresso are doing together. Through some creative, hands-on workshops, we reintroduced coffee waste as a fertilizer, natural dye, food ingredient, and source of sustainable inspiration. Chef Num from Samuay & Sons prepared a coffee-infused lunch from produce grown onsite, and multi-instrumentalist Noxnoi soundtracked the afternoon.
Wonderfully wild
We’ll keep tinkering away with coffee grounds, soil health, and ways to make the most of waste in The Fields. Take a closer look at how we’re working with Nespresso, and the projects we have underway at the farm.

Putting The Soil on The Table

There’s edible arrangements, and then there’s this. This organic, green #ObjectsOfWonder comes from The Fields, prepared at our onsite farm…

There’s edible arrangements, and then there’s this. This organic, green #ObjectsOfWonder comes from The Fields,…

Coffee-powered Farming with Nespresso

We have a farm in The Fields. If you’ve ever wondered what happens in The Fields for the 361 days…

We have a farm in The Fields. If you’ve ever wondered what happens in The…

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